Specialty items from Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth & other Holy Land cities.

About Us

What We Stand For:

Shopping Jerusalem is a Holy Land-based company with a U.S. presence which brings together the old and the new as well as the traditional and the modern Holy Land-inspired items from Jerusalem, Nazareth and Bethlehem. Our goal is to provide sentimental and holy items which represent biblical places and figures and which commemorate special and holy calendar days. We offer high quality, well-crafted items from the Holy Land and Jerusalem. Founded in 2015, Shopping Jerusalem is a pioneer in the Holy Land Gift industry combining both retail items and education to provide the complete Holy Land experience to all customers. This site is owned by Clixie an Israeli Company number 514266733.

Professionalism and Customer Service:

The team and staff at Shopping Jerusalem are trained and equipped with knowledge about all the items we sell. It is our goal to provide an engaging experience when our customers purchase from us and this starts with detailed, thorough and educational product descriptions for every single item as well as gallery descriptions and information about the array of our Holy Land suppliers. Any further questions about items, sales and order status are professionally attended to by our Customer Service team who are very happy to assist. Seeing that we are a Holy Land-based company, our professionals have access to relevant information on all sold items and will certainly share anything you want to know.

Made in the Holy Land:

Shopping Jerusalem provides a vast selection of products which are carefully crafted by talented and artistic suppliers, designers and artists. We ensure that all our products are of the highest quality and standard to meet our customers' requirements and tastes. We offer a wide range of designs, patterns and materials so it is easy to get lost in the galleries and find many things that will arrest your eyes. Our hope is that these genuine and authentic pieces of Jerusalem, Nazareth and Bethlehem reach all those that want a little piece of the Holy Land in their homes, no matter where the home may be.

Quality & Care:

We take craftsmanship and care very seriously and as such, inspect each and every piece prior to shipping it to you securely and carefully. We package each item according to its needs and take care to protect fragile items to ensure they get to you quickly and efficiently. Delicate pieces such as jewelry and smaller items are checked, wrapped and placed in suitable packages and boxes and bigger items are securely wrapped too. It is important to us to offer an all-round fun and exciting Holy Land experience and so every detail counts from purchasing to packaging and shipping.

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